Other Information

Professor – CEDEPLAR/UFMG – teaching
2017 – current  Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics (undergraduate), Aging and Life Cycle (undergraduate), Population Forecast (undergraduate) Historical Demography (Graduate), Mortality Substantive Aspects (Graduate), Economic Demography (Graduate)
2016 – Demographic Methods (undergraduate), Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics (undergraduate), Introduction to R (undergraduate), Historical Demography (Graduate), Topics in Mortality (Graduate), Advanced Seminar in Demography (Graduate)
2015 – Demographic Methods (undergraduate), Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics (undergraduate), Economic Demography (graduate), Mortality (graduate)
2014 – Demographic Methods (undergraduate), Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics (undergraduate), Applied Demographic Methods to Actuaries (undergraduate), Economic Demography (graduate), Mortality (graduate)
2012 and 2013 – Demographic Methods (undergraduate), Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics (undergraduate), Introduction to R (undergraduate), Indirect Demographic Methods (Graduate), Economic Demographic (Graduate)
2011 – Population and Labor Market (Graduate and Undergraduate), Indirect Demographic Methods (Graduate)
2010 – Economic Demography (Graduate), Longitudinal Data Analysis (Graduate), Economics of the Family (undergraduate), Population and Labor Market (undergraduate), Bussiness Demography (undergraduate)
2009 – Longitudinal Data Analysis (Graduate), Economic Demography (Graduate), Bussiness Demography (Undergraduate), Labor Economics (Undergraduate), Economics and Demography of Aging (Undergraduate)
2008 – Advanced Research Techniques (graduate), Economic Demography (Graduate), Labor Economics (Undergraduate), Senior Thesis Seminar (Undergraduate)
2007 – Economic Demography (Graduate), Economics of the Family (undergraduate), Population and Labor Market (undergraduate), Bussiness Demography (undergraduate)
2006 – Demographic Methods (Graduate), Population and Labor Economics (Graduate), Population and Labor (undergraduate), Introduction to Demography (undergraduate)
Supervisor / Advisor (Senior Thesis, M.A and Ph.D Students)
  • Since 2006, I have advised 55 senior thesis in Economics, Actuarial Science and Sociology; and over 15 Ph.D dissertations and 10 M.A. thesis.
  • Several undergraduate students went on to graduate programs in Economics and Demography
  • Several graduate advisees are now faculty members in different brazilian universities:
    • Marcos Gonzaga – Associate Professor – UFRN
    • Gilvan R. Guedes – Associate Professor – UFMG
    • Luciana Lima – Assistant Professor – UFRN
    • Cristiane Correa – Associate Professor – UFRN
    • Luisa Terra – Assistant Professor – Unifal

SERVICES (University and others)

  • Editorial Board – The Journal of Economics of Ageing (2020 – )
  • Academic Editor – Plos One (2018 – )
  • Editoral Board: International Journal Population Studies (2016 – )
  • Chair – Undergraduate Major in Actuaial Science – UFMG (2015 – 2019 )
  • Vice-chair – Undergraduate Major in Actuarial Science – UFMG (2013 – 2015)
  • Vice-chair – Department of Demography – UFMG (2009-2011)
  • Elected member – School of Economics Academic Senate (2007-2010)
  • Member – Course Collegiate  – Undergraduate Program in Actuarial Sciences – UFMG (2007-2011)
  • Member – Budget Committee – ABEP (2009-2011)



Referee and Reviewer
Revista Brasileira de Estudos Populacionais; Nova Economia; Bulletin of the World Health Organization; Revista Brasileira de Economia; Pesquisa e Planejamento Econômico; Journal of Population Research; Population, Space and Place; Revista Brasileira de Estatistica; Revista de Economia Política; Bulletin of Latin American Research; Demographic Research; European journal of development research; The Journal of the Economics of Ageing; Urbe. Revista Brasileira de Gestão Urbana; Estudos Interdisciplinares sobre o Envelhecimento; Cadernos de Saúde Pública; BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth; Estudos Econômicos; Plos One; Population Studies; IZA Journal of Labor and Development; International Journal of Population Studies, BMJ, Demographic Research, International Journal of Epidemiology, Statistical Modelling, Ciência e Saúde Coletiva, Aging International, Notas de Poblacion, Frontiers in Sociology, Scientific Reports, BMJ Global Health, Journal of Economic Studies, Vienna Yearbook of Population Research, Economia Aplicada, Medical Science Monitor