I specialize in economic demography, population aging, and demographic methods (indirect demographic techniques). Currently, my research is centered on studying retirement behavior and old age support systems in developing countries and methods to estimate mortality for small areas.

In particular, I am studying how demographic and institutional changes affect labor force participation and retirement behavior of workers in less developed economies and how societies are adjusting themselves to population aging. I am also researching methods to measure adult mortality in small areas using both demographic and statistical methods.

Below there is a list of the projects and papers I am currently working on.

Working Papers and Work in Progress

  1. Temporal and spatial estimates of adult mortality for small areas in Brazil (with Flavio Freire, Marcos Gonzaga, Everton Lima) – under revision
  2. The reversal of the relationship between retirement and social status – the case of Brazil (with Vegard Skirbekk) – under review
  3. Adult Mortality and Regional Development at the Local Level in Brazil, 1980-2010 – under revision
  4. Labor Force Participation and Retirement Behavior in Brazil: does cultural background matter? (with Riki Matsukura and Hiro Ogawa) – in progress