Research Agenda

My research agenda encompasses:

  1. International and Comparative Political Economy
  2. Public Policy, Technology, Innovation and Economic Complexity
  3. International Development and the Sustainable Development agenda
  4. Latin American Politics
  5. Anything else that inspires/intrigues me

|Since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we have started a living repository of global responses, tracing the measures implemented by selected countries and the international community (IMF, World Bank, EU, WHO, and others) in the following policy agendas: (i) international cooperation for Covid-19; (i) public  administration; (ii) health; (iii) culture; (iv) Education, science and technology; (v) economic development; (vi) employment and social welfare. Our ultimate goal is to understand the institutional changes that are going on and how they will affect policy making in the near future. |