About me

I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Demography at FACE and a Core Faculty of CEDEPLAR at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) since 2012. I also coordinate the Cities and Urbanization Subnetwork (along with Dr. Alisson Barbieri) at the Rede Brasileira de Pesquisas sobre Mudanças Climáticas (Rede Clima). You will find more information about me in the following links:
 CV in Portuguese
 CV in English
 Research Gate
If you are interested in my published papers, go to the Academic Publications page at this site or click here.

Prior to my current position at CEDEPLAR, I worked at the Universidade Vale do Rio Doce as an associate professor in the Department of Accounting and Management, as a core faculty in the Graduate Program in Territorial Studies (GIT), as an associate faculty in the Microbiology Graduate Program and as the director of the Interdisciplinary Observatory for Territorial Studies (OBIT). I hold degrees in Economics (B.S., 2003), Finance (M.B.A, 2005), and Demography (Ph.D., 2010 – Cedeplar/UFMG; postdoctoral fellowship, 2011 – ECI/Brown University; sabbatical, 2016 – PSC/University of Pennsylvania).

I am currently working with international collaborators (Dr. David L. Carr – UCSB;  Dr. William Pan – Duke University; Dr. Carlos Mena – Universidad San Francisco de Quito; Dr. Eduardo Brondizio – IUB) on the many ways population and environmental issues connect, especially in frontier areas. In the last years, I have devoted my research efforts to understanding the connection between land use systems and household demography in frontier areas, environmental attitude and behavior, field and quantitative methods applied to population studies, and economic development.

In collaboration with four other authors, I am publishing the book Grade of Membership: conceitos básicos e aplicação empírica usando o programa GoM para Windows, Linux, Stata e R (Grade of Membership: basic concepts and application using the GoM program for Windows, Linux, Stata and R. Belo Horizonte, Editora UFMG, 2017), which reviews the theoretical principals of fuzzy classification methods and provides a detailed, step-by-step, tutorial on how to use the Grade of Membership method on different environments and softwares.