Current Supervisions

Doctorate Candidate

Mphil Candidates

Alan Marques Miranda Leal
Long-run and short-run determinants of capital flows
Start: 2020

Breno Antunes Lourençoni Garcia
Título: The impact of macroprudential regulation on the credit channel of the Brazilian economy
Start: 2018

Michel Rimes
Major Urban Projects and Centralities in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte
Start: 2017


Scientific research

Maria Eduarda Ribeiro Castro
Effects of environmental disasters in Mariana and Brumadinho on the Brazilian ore market
Start: 2019
Voluntary researcher (Undergraduate student in Economics)

Past Supervisions

PhD in Economics

(2020) Lediany Freitas de Campos
Globalization and inequality in Brazil: dimensions, effects, and regional asymmetries
Thesis (Cedeplar / UFMG)

(2016) Camilla Petrelli Corrêa de Almeida
Volatile dynamics of capital flows and financial vulnerability in South American countries: determining factors and analysis of proposals for their reduction
Thesis (Cedeplar / UFMG)

(2014) Fernando Batista Pereira
A National Financial Education and Capability Project
Thesis (Cedeplar / UFMG)


(2020) Luiz Henrique Prado Garcia
Integration, Financial Development and Monetary Policy Space in Latin America
Mphil Dissertation (Cedeplar / UFMG)

(2016) Luccas Assis Attílio
Impact of Brazilian non-financial firms on labour markets: a study of Maximising Shareholder Value in the Brazilian economy
Mphil Dissertation (Cedeplar / UFMG)


Scientific research

(2017-19) Mateus Guilherme dos Santos
Dynamics of urban and financial growth: evaluation of centralised expansion vectors

(2014-15) Bruno Bosi
Spatial Financialisation
Dean of Research, UFMG / CNPQ

(2014-15) Ângelo Bastianélli Scaramussa
Money and the intraurban space

(2014-15) Danielle Corrêa
Georeferencing of financial parameters at the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, RMBH
RMBH Macrozoning Research
, Metropolitan Agency, Minas Gerais State Government